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Florida Supreme Court


Fl. Supreme Court Argues Red-Light Cameras

In a legal battle that could have implications for other communities, the Florida Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday about whether Orlando and Aventura violated state law in approving red-light camera programs.


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Florida Supreme Court To Hear Cases On Red-Light Cameras

The Florida Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments about the legality of local red-light camera ordinances.


Wayne Treacy listens to the verdict in his attempted first degree murder trial in 2012. . He was found guilty. (CBS4)

Court: Wayne Treacy Entitled To Bond In Josie Ratley Stomping Case

In fallout from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling about juvenile sentencing, Florida’s top court said Thursday that a South Florida teenager sentenced to prison for the violent beating of a middle school girl waiting for a bus, should have been entitled to a bond.

CBS Miami–10/10/2013

Rafael Matarranz (Source: Florida Dept. Of Corrections)

Juror Issue Leads Fla. High Court To Overturn Miami Murder Conviction

Citing Atticus Finch, the hero in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ordered a new trial in a 2003 murder and burglary case because of a dispute about a prospective juror.

CBS Miami–09/26/2013

TAMPA, FL - MARCH 21: Debra Lafave attends a news conference after charges against her were dropped in Marion County as her mother Joyce Beasley looks on March 21, 2006 in Tampa, Florida. Prosecutors there said they didn't want to put her 14-year-old victim on the witness stand. Lafave is still serving three years house arrest for molesting the boy who was a student of hers. Lafave says she is now pursing a career in journalism. (Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images)

Infamous Teacher Wants Probation Ended Early

An infamous former Tampa teacher convicted of having sex with a student is asking the Florida Supreme Court to end her probation.

CBS Miami–09/16/2013

Marshall Lee Gore Source: Department of Corrections

S. Fla Killer’s Execution Appeal Headed To FL Supreme Court

A South Florida killer has had his stay of execution lifted, but his case is now headed to the Florida Supreme Court.

CBS Miami–07/19/2013

John Errol Ferguson (Source: CBS4)

Court Rules Miami-Dade Mass Murderer Competent, Can Be Executed

A federal appeals court has ruled that a Miami-Dade mass murderer is mentally competent to be executed.


(Source: CBS4)

FL Supreme Court Signs Off On Plan To Eliminate Judges In Foreclosure Cases

The Florida Supreme Court changed the way the state deals with foreclosure cases clogging up courtrooms Thursday.


(Photo credit: DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

SCOFLA: Police Need Warrant To Look At Cell Phone Pics

Police officers need a warrant if they want to search through photos on a cell phone in possession of a defendant at the time of arrest, the Florida Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

CBS Miami–05/02/2013


Escobar Rejects Plea Deal In Cop Murder Trial

The trial against Dennis Escobar took more twists and turns Monday as he rejected a plea deal he was expected to take.