Florida Supreme Court

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State Supreme Court Seeks Tougher Penalties For Two Judges

A proposed punishment for Broward Circuit Judge Cynthia Imperato, who was convicted of DUI, has been rejected by the state’s Supreme Court.



Senate Democrats Sue Florida House Over Abrupt Session End

Democrat’s in the Florida Senate filed a lawsuit against the Florida House over its abrupt end to the 2015 legislative session.


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Death Sentence Upheld In ‘Xbox Murders’

The Florida Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a man sent to Death Row for his involvement in the 2004 murders of six people.


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Florida Legislature Adds Protections For Pregnant Women

Florida is making it clear that anti-discrimination laws extend to mothers-to-be.


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State’s High Court Asked To Consider Law On Carrying Guns

A man arrested in 2012 has asked the Florida Supreme Court to take up a constitutional challenge to a state law that prevents people from openly carrying firearms.


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Supreme Court Turns Down Red-Light Camera Case

The Florida Supreme Court this week declined to hear an appeal in a potentially far-reaching case about the way local governments administer red-light camera programs.



Justices Back Family Of Athlete Who Collapsed

The Florida Supreme Court sided with a family that filed a negligence suit against the Lee County School Board after a 15-year-old boy collapsed during a high-school soccer game in 2008.


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Appeals Court Weighs Workers Comp Law

A South Florida appeals court Monday heard arguments in a challenge to the constitutionality of the state’s workers-compensation insurance system — as two other closely watched challenges also await rulings at the Florida Supreme Court.


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Supreme Court Decision Reopens Juvenile Sentences

Florida inmates serving life sentences for crimes they committed as juveniles should be resentenced under guidelines that went into effect last year, the Florida Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday.


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Florida Supreme Court Orders New Sentences In Juvenile Cases

Florida’s Supreme Court has ordered re-sentencing hearings for four people convicted of felonies they had committed while they were juveniles.