Supreme Court Blocks Abortion LawA divided Florida Supreme Court temporarily blocked a state requirement that women wait 24 hours before receiving an abortion.
Florida Supreme Court Halts Abortion Waiting Period - For NowFlorida's Supreme Court has waded into the fight over the state's 24-hour waiting period for abortions.
Justices: Individuals Being Questioned Must Be Told When Lawyer Is PresentIndividuals who are voluntarily being questioned by authorities have to be told when a lawyer is present, the Florida Supreme Court decided on Thursday.
High Court Expresses Doubts About Drunken Driving LawsThe Supreme Court expressed doubts about laws in dozens of states including Florida that would make it a crime for people suspected of driving drunk to refuse to take alcohol tests.
Insurer, Hospital Tangle About Cost InformationThe Florida Supreme Court is ready to wade into a dispute between State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance and a major Jacksonville hospital about contracts and other documents that contain detailed information about how much the hospital charges for services.
Florida Supreme Court Suspends Miami-Dade JudgeThe Florida Supreme Court suspended a Miami-Dade County judge after two incidents last month in which she appeared impaired --- including an incident in which she had to be removed from the bench and driven home by a bailiff.
Justices Mull Tax Fight Over Pay TelevisionThe Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday waded into a constitutional fight about a higher state tax rate for satellite-television companies than for their cable TV competitors.
Supreme Court Deals Another Blow To Tobacco IndustryFlorida Supreme Court justices have ruled against the tobacco industry's attempts to fend off costly lawsuits about illnesses and deaths linked to smoking for the second week in a row.
State Supreme Court To Take Up Open Carry CaseThe Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments June 8th in a challenge to a state law that bars people from openly carrying firearms.
Broward Judge Convicted Of DUI To ResignA Broward judge convicted of drunk driving is set to resign at the end of the month.
For 1st Time Since Civil War, Chief Justice Will Keep PostFlorida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga is staying on the job for another two years- something that hasn't happened since the Civil War.
State Supreme Court To Consider Sentencing In Six Death Row CasesIn another sign of the impact of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down a key part of Florida's death-penalty sentencing system, the state Supreme Court has issued orders allowing six Death Row inmates to file briefs about how the ruling might apply to their cases.

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