Troupe Of Monkeys Vex Florida Park, Go Viral On Social MediaThere's some monkey business going on around a state park in Florida where groups of non-native rhesus macaques are living a long a river that's popular for kayakers and tourists. 
Top Ways To Utilize South Florida's Parks & Rec DepartmentFlorida has a history and natural beauty all its own. From sandy beaches to museums to hardwood tree hammocks, South Florida invites you to explore.
S. Florida Beach Makes Top 10 List Of Best Beaches In 2014One of South Florida’s beaches made the Top 10 Beach List for 2014.
Best Outdoor Volunteer Opportunities For Families In South FloridaHere are some fantastic ways to soak in the South Florida sunshine and bask in some well-deserved glory.
Free Florida State Parks App Helps Visitors Plan TripsA free app from Florida State Parks can help you find a nearby camp site, track your trails and warn you of imminent bad weather.

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