Florida Primary

Florida GOP To Give Presidential Candidates Ballot OptionsThe Republican Party of Florida is set to give presidential candidates the options to be listed on the March primary ballot.
Group Pushing To Open Florida's Primaries A Miami lawyer is leading the charge to open Florida's primaries. Gene Stearns, a member of a bi-partisan activist group, said the change is needed because data suggests more and more voters in the state are choosing no party affiliation.
Sheldon Wins Democratic Primary For Florida AG George Sheldon won the title of Democratic primary for attorney general.
Crist, Rich Campaign Ahead Of Tuesday's Primary Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist is back in South Florida campaigning days before the primary elections.
Last Day To Register To Vote For August Primary Monday is the last day to register to vote in the August 26th primary election. The Primary Election not only has party-specific races, but also nonpartisan races that are applicable to all registered voters—regardless of party affiliation.
Nelson, Mack Cruise To VictoryFlorida Senator Bill Nelson and GOP challenger Connie Mack IV have both sailed to easy wins in their primary races.
Feds To Monitor Florida ElectionsThe U.S. Department of Justice said Monday that it will be monitoring Tuesday’s primary elections in Florida and Wisconsin.
Tuesday's Primary Could Be A SnoozerThis Tuesday voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots in Florida’s Primary Election. However, outside of some local, legislative and congressional races, the election could be a bit of a snoozer.
Early Voters Trickle In For August PrimaryEarly voting for the August primary is already well underway, but the results in Broward County have been slim, while Miami-Dade is seeing large number voting by absentee ballot.
Gingrich Campaign May Challenge Florida ResultsIn 2000, hanging chads and butterfly ballots threw the presidential election in Florida into chaos. In 2012, a challenge to the state's early GOP presidential primary could make for some volatility as well.
After Big Florida Win, Romney Looks To Maine, NevadaComing off a big win in the Florida Primary, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said Wednesday that the fight for the nomination so far has toughened him for the challenges ahead.
Seiler Sails To Re-Election As Ft. Lauderdale's MayorFort Lauderdale mayor Jack Seiler crushed two challengers, keeping his post as mayor by winning 75% of the vote in Tuesday's Fort Lauderdale Mayoral election.
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