Florida Panther

(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

Florida Panther Killed By Vehicle In Collier County

Another Florida panther has died after it was hit by a vehicle.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

2-Year-Old Panther Struck By Car In Collier County

Another vehicle crash has claimed the life of a Florida panther.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

Panther Dies After Being Struck By Car

An endangered Florida panther, struck by a car earlier this week on U.S. 41., was transferred to an animal hospital in Naples where it died after surgery to repair a broken leg.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

State Seeks To Offset Cattle Lost To Panthers

Ranchers could be key to restoring Florida’s growing panther population.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

FWC Investigating Two More Panther Deaths

The remains of two Florida panthers have been recovered and sent to a lab for further analysis.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

Panther Killed On Collier Highway Adding To Record Death Toll

A Florida panther was found dead after being struck by a vehicle in Collier County.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

6-Month-Old Florida Panther Found Dead

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said they have found the remains of a 6-month-old uncollared male Florida panther.


Florida Panther (Source: AP)

Panther Gets Treatment At New Zoo Hospital

A Panther suffering from gunshot wounds is being treated at a Tampa Zoo’s newest facility making it their first patient.


Florida panther (Source: FWC)

FWC Reports 25th Panther Death Of 2014

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said they have found the remains of a four to five-year-old radio-collared female Florida panther.


Florida panther (Source: FWC)

23rd Florida Panther Killed By Car In Central Florida 

Another Florida panther has been hit and killed by a car.