Florida Panther

(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

FWC Chief Dismisses Panther Hunt As “Ridiculous Stretch”

The Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Executive Director said he’d like to “ultimately” get the Florida panther off the federal endangered-species list.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

Florida Panther Killed By Vehicle In Collier County

Another Florida panther has died after it was hit by a vehicle.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

2-Year-Old Panther Struck By Car In Collier County

Another vehicle crash has claimed the life of a Florida panther.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

Panther Dies After Being Struck By Car

An endangered Florida panther, struck by a car earlier this week on U.S. 41., was transferred to an animal hospital in Naples where it died after surgery to repair a broken leg.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

State Seeks To Offset Cattle Lost To Panthers

Ranchers could be key to restoring Florida’s growing panther population.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

FWC Investigating Two More Panther Deaths

The remains of two Florida panthers have been recovered and sent to a lab for further analysis.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

Panther Killed On Collier Highway Adding To Record Death Toll

A Florida panther was found dead after being struck by a vehicle in Collier County.


(Source: Tim Donovan/FWC)

6-Month-Old Florida Panther Found Dead

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said they have found the remains of a 6-month-old uncollared male Florida panther.


Florida Panther (Source: AP)

Panther Gets Treatment At New Zoo Hospital

A Panther suffering from gunshot wounds is being treated at a Tampa Zoo’s newest facility making it their first patient.


Florida panther (Source: FWC)

FWC Reports 25th Panther Death Of 2014

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said they have found the remains of a four to five-year-old radio-collared female Florida panther.