Florida Lottery

Lucky Money lottery game logo (Source: floridalottery.com)

Lucky Money Jackpot Jumps To $2 Million

The “Lucky Money” jackpot rose to $2 million dollars for Tuesday’s drawing.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

4 Fantasy 5 Players Win Jackpot Worth $57,384.10 Each

Four people in Florida may have a little extra pep in their step this Friday after winning a jackpot worth $57,384.10 each in the “Fantasy 5.”


Lucky Money lottery game logo (Source: floridalottery.com)

“Lucky Money” Jackpot Rises To $1.1M

The “Lucky Money” jackpot rose to $1.1 million after no players won the jackpot in the previous drawing.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

1 Fantasy 5 Player Wins $244K Jackpot

One “Fantasy 5″ player won the $244,939.37 jackpot.



PowerBall Players Think About What They Would Do With $317M

With the Powerball up to 317 million, CBS4’s Cynthia Demos asked players the first of everything they would do if they won that much money.


425 Million Jackpot Draws Hopeful Lottery Ticket Buyers

No Big Winners, Powerball & Lotto Jackpots Rolling Over

Florida Lotto and Powerball players are hoping they’ll have better luck this Wednesday to win lots of cash as the jackpots for both games have rolled over.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

Fantasy 5 Player Wins $238K Jackpot

One “Fantasy 5″ player nabbed the more than $ 230,000 jackpot.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

2 Fantasy 5 Players Each Win $107,286.81 Jackpot

A good Friday morning for two “Fantasy 5” players as both selected all five winning numbers.


Florida Lottery (Source: Florida Lottery)

Stocking-Stuffer Lottery Ticket Is Winner For Dog

A Christmas tradition for a Florida man to buy Lottery tickets as stocking stuffers including for his dog, ended up with a hefty win.


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Weston Woman Claims Fantasy 5 Top Prize

A pretty good start to the New Year for a Weston woman who won Fantasy 5’s top prize.