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Senator Votes For State Budget Despite Not Being At Capitol

Politicians often have to prioritize items because of time constraints. For state Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, the priority may be money and Sarah Palin over government business and voters.

CBS Miami–04/04/2014

Florida Money

Scott Releases $74.2 Billion Budget

In an election year nothing sells quite as well as tax cuts and with a tough gubernatorial election ahead this year, Governor Rick Scott released his 2015 budget that will target millions in tax cuts among other programs.

CBS Miami–01/29/2014

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Scott Calls For Increased Education Spending In Election Year

Governor Rick Scott will ask state legislators for more money for public schools this year, though it’s less than half of what he asked for last year.

CBS Miami–01/27/2014

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Fla. Gov. Wants Spending Boost For Roads And Ports

Florida Gov. Rick Scott wants to go on a spending spree of sorts in order to spend more money on roads, ports and transportation.

CBS Miami–01/13/2014

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Holds News Conference At Biomedical Product Manufacturing

Scott Says He Wants $100 Million In Cuts

Governor Rick Scott announced Tuesday he wants to cut the state budget by $100 million next year.


Governor Rick Scott (Source: CBS4)

Scott Hits Campaign Mode To Push For Tax Cuts

With the 2014 gubernatorial campaign just around the corner, Governor Rick Scott is headed out on a tour around the state pushing for tax cuts.

CBS Miami–09/10/2013

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Scott’s $368 Million In Vetoes Spans Statewide

As Governor Rick Scott signed the state’s $74.1 billion spending plan on Monday, he also used his veto power on a total of $368 million in spending projects.


Governor Rick Scott  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

‘Turkey’ List Part Of Intense Lobbying On Fla. Budget

With speculation mounting that Gov. Rick Scott could sign the Legislature’s proposed $74.5 billion budget as early as Friday, a research organization released its annual list of “turkeys” that it said the governor should consider striking with his line-item veto.

CBS Miami–05/17/2013

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Highlights Of The 2013 Florida Budget

As the Florida Legislature’s 2013 regular session was winding down Friday, both house finally passed the state’s $74.5 billion budget. The massive budget was sent to Florida Governor Rick Scott for his signature.

CBS Miami–05/04/2013

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Legislature Ready To Pass State Budget

The Florida Legislature appears poised to give final approval to the state’s $74.5 billion budget and send it to Governor Rick Scott’s desk Friday.

CBS Miami–05/03/2013