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FAMU Requests To Run Anti-Hazing Committee In Private

If Florida A & M University is going to battle hazing, university representatives said they need to do so in private.


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FAMU Forms Anti-Hazing Panel

In the wake of the hazing death of marching ban drum major Robert Champion, Florida A&M University has gathered a panel of outside experts to recommend ways to end hazing on campus.


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Board Votes To Keep FAMU President In His Post

Defying a suggestion from Gov. Rick Schott, the Board of Trustees of Florida A&M University has voted to keep President James Ammons in his post as a state investigation into hazing continues.


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FAMU President May Be Suspended Monday

The Board of Trustees of Florida A&M University could decide as early as Monday if they will comply with Gov. Rick Scott’s request and suspend school President James Ammons while authorities investigate the hazing death of drum major Robert Champion.



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