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Take A Deep Breath: Experts Advise Calm In This Crazy Market

Amid a scary slide on Wall Street, professions to 401(k) holders are advising other investors not to do anything rash.


Rumored Miami Marlins Logo

Financial Report: Marlins Worth 16 Percent More Than In 2011

The devil’s in the details: the Marlins are ranked 26th out of 30 teams in the league in terms of franchise value.


Miami Marlins Stadium 2/27/12

Marlins Park Has A Long, Storied Tale

When Josh Johnson throws out the first pitch of the first inning at Marlins Park Wednesday night, it will be the culmination of years of political wrangling and infighting with a brand new stadium, logo, and team.



JMH Officials: Long-Staying Patients Hurt Jackson’s Finances

Patients who had been in Jackson Memorial Hospital for an extended period of time, most who are no longer covered by insurance, and have complex medical problems are a crushing burden for Miami-Dade’s cash-poor public hospital, officials at the hospital said.