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Mobile Banking Apps: Convenient Or Costly?

Mobile banking may be the most convenient way to keep track of your money, but are you putting your personal information at risk every time you log in?



Economy Likely To Trudge Along In Second Quarter

The economic recovery may be years away from ending, but there have been some steady gains in South Florida and across the country that is giving some economists hope heading into the second quarter starting Sunday.



Planning Ahead Is Key To Success With Personal Finances

It’s a new year and planning ahead is always best practice, especially when it comes to your personal finance.


Property Values

Homeowners Finding Success In Appealing High Property Tax Bills

By now you have probably received your estimated property tax bill and may be a bit sticker shocked. But just because the bill says you owe a lot of money, doesn’t really mean you do.


Stock Market

Psychologists Seeing “Market Anxiety” In Patients

It is enough to make anyone more than just a little nervous, Wall Street’s wild mood swings up and down.


(Source: CBS4) Julio Robaina speaks to supporters after winning a place in the runoff election which will select a new Miami-Dade mayor

I-Team: Examining Robaina’s Record in Hialeah

At every campaign appearance, Julio Robaina touts his record as Hialeah mayor, reminding voters he did not raise property or business taxes in the city.



Report: NFL Players Taking Risky Loans

Both sides in the NFL lockout are finally set to begin court-ordered mediated talks to reach a collective-bargaining agreement. But, the NFLPA may be starting to crack as players run into problem of having no cash during the lockout.


2011 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations

Smartphones Can Now File Taxes

The hottest gadget on the market today: the Smartphone, is expected to outsell home computers in 2011


Al’s Mid-January Financial Plan

It’s about 2 weeks and counting until all our holiday shopping bills start coming due..if you hit the plastic online or at your local malls. Then there’s the federal income tax deadline, postponed to Monday […]


stacks of money

How To Make Financial Resolutions

Whether it’s doing a better job paying off our bills or filing our taxes a little earlier, it’s the perfect time to make some new years’ financial resolutions and start sticking to them.





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