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Medical Costs

Legislature Working On Medicaid Compromise

Negotiators in the Florida House and Senate are trying to work out a compromise deal that would keep the federal Medicaid money in President Barack Obama’s healthcare overahaul law in place while not expanding Medicaid to the level the law originally suggested.

CBS Miami–04/24/2013

Senator Marco Rubio

Rubio Supports Government Shutdown Instead Of Keeping Affordable Care Act

Senator Marco Rubio would prefer to let the federal government shutdown in late March than let a continuing resolution pass if the bill doesn’t completely defund the Affordable Care Act.

CBS Miami–03/08/2013


Something Extra: Pork, Pork and More Pork

What would happen to you if you spent almost fifty per cent more than you earned? That’s the quandary the Federal Government is in and today we heard about some of the most egregious reasons why.


jail_Prison bars1

Lawsuit: Kosher Meals Not On Menu At Fla. Prisons

Florida’s Department of Corrections is being sued by the federal government for not offering its prison population meals that conform to their religious beliefs.

CBS Miami–08/16/2012

Money (Source: MyTV33)

Time To Refinance Home May Be Now

If you’re one of the millions of Americans considering refinancing your home, time may be of the essence to take advantage of new programs being offered by the federal government.


Early Voting

Monroe County Early Voting Underway

Early voting began in Monroe County Monday thanks to the confluence of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and election law changes passed during the 2011 legislative session.



Fla. Medicaid Pilot Program Extended For 2 Weeks

Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration received a two-week reprieve for a controversial Medicaid pilot program that sent patients into managed-care programs, or HMO’s.


(Source: AP)

Tips On Protecting Your Money From A Federal Default

With the countdown to the federal government’s expected August 2nd debt default getting closer every day, the U.S. economy is already seeing the impact from a weakening U.S. dollar overseas.


(Source: AP)

U.S. Debt Default Could Cripple Florida

Many in the state of Florida rely on Social Security and Medicare as a lifeline, but as the days countdown to a U.S. default, everyone in the Sunshine State has reason to worry.



Gas Prices Should Retreat Soon

There’s better news for commuters suffering from sticks shock at the pump. After what felt like forever with increases gas prices are expected to take a tumble.