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Back To Basics, Fat Is Making A Comeback

As more people move away from processed food they are rediscovering full-fat basics.


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The Dish On Dining Out And Your Diet

Trying to stick to your diet can be tough when dining out. With so many tempting items on the menu, will power is important to sticking with your plan.


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Growing Trend Helps Arms Go From Flab To Fab

We all have body parts we’d like to change or improve. But, for those dealing with loose skin after a major weight loss, you often can’t exercise it away. Now, there’s a remedy for that.



Fit Fridays: Reboot Your Health With Juice

Joe Cross loves his fruits and vegetables so much so he’s made a career out of it. He wrote a book called Reboot, which is all about juicing.


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New Chocolate Diet May Be A Dream Come True

Eating chocolate to lose weight sounds like a dream come true for anyone trying to lose a few pounds.

CBS Miami–02/27/2014

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Florida Starting New Program To Fight Obesity

Florida is launching a new program looking to fight the fat in the state.

CBS Miami–01/20/2014

VASERsmooth is being touted by some doctors as a solution for cellulite.
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New Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite

A new procedure is being touted by some doctors as a solution for cellulite.


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Woman Claims Removing Plastic From Diet Led To Increased Weight Loss

One secret to weight loss could be as simple as saying “no” the next time you’re at a cash register.


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Report: 59 Percent Of Floridians Will Be Obese By 2030

It’s no state secret that Americans have been in a battle with the bulge for several years. But a group campaigning against obesity said Tuesday Americans are losing the battle and things are going to get much worse.

CBS Miami–09/18/2012

(Source: CBS4) Teen writes PortionSize Me to help kids lose weight

Teen Pushing Portion Control To Curb Obesity

Being overweight is tough enough as an adult, but for children it can lead to bullying, low self-esteem and other problems. One 12-year-old decided he was tired of being picked on, upset about his weight and appearance; so he decided to change his life.