(Source: CBS4) Worker in the fields during a cold snap in Florida

Miami-Dade Farmers Seek Federal Aid For Crop Loss

Miami-Dade officials have asked the U.S.D.A. to issue a disaster declaration to cover the loss of more than $50 million in local agriculture.


The cold temperature is a potentially huge trouble for crops in the place that serves as the nation's winter vegetable garden.

Farmers Spray Crops Before Temperature Drop

South Florida farmers will be up very late Monday night or very early Tuesday morning to protect their crops from potentially damaging cold.


Farmers spray their crops with water to insulate them from the cold.  (Source: CBS)

Farmers Examine Crops After Frost Damage

It was another long night for South Florida farmers and crews as they kept a wary eye on the thermometer as temperatures once again dipped into the low 30s.



Crops, People Prepped Again For A Cold Night

Farmers in Miami-Dade County’s agricultural industry are expecting another sleepless night as temperatures across South Florida plunge to near record lows and threaten tender crops.


Cold Weather

Tourists, Locals Bundle Up For Another Chilly Day

It’s another really chilly day across South Florida. After temperatures dipped into the mid-30s early in morning they heated up quite nicely by early afternoon.