Graphic Autopsy Photos Presented In "Facebook Killer" TrialThe state rested their case in the murder trial of the man dubbed the "Facebook killer."
Jury Selection Continues For Trial Of "Facebook Killer"Opening statements could get underway this week in the trial of the so-called Facebook killer.
Facebook Releases Fix For Battery-Draining AppFacebook has admitted its app may be draining your iPhone battery faster than usual but now there’s a fix.
How To Start Your Own Travel BlogFive helpful tips to help you get started on creating your own travel blog
Ex-NFLer Martin Says He Attempted Suicide Multiple TimesFormer NFL tackle Jonathan Martin posted on Facebook that difficulties in the profession led him to attempt suicide multiple times, and he wanted to share his struggle with social isolation to help others.
Internet Access Gives Cubans 1st Look At Outside WorldWhat most Americans take for granted, Cubans are just now getting a taste of – the World Wide Web.
Grandmother Who Survived 3 Days In Wrecked Car Dies At 98You may remember the story of Tilly Tooter, the elderly woman who survived 78 hours in her car after it careened off of I-595 and into a thicket of snake-infested mangroves.
Florida Health Officials Host Online Summer CampCan't afford to send your kids to summer camp? Too hot to play camp games outside all day? Florida health officials have a solution.
Study: Social Media, Selfies New Road DrugJust because the driver next to you is on the phone—doesn’t mean they are texting.
Twitter's Dick Costolo Stepping Down As CEOTwitter’s recent stock slide got stock holders chirping – and a little birdie says the company’s CEO is stepping down.
Agents Arrest Alleged ISIS Sympathizer In Miami A man is in federal lock-up accused of having firearms, even though he's a convicted felon but it's what investigators said he planned to do with those weapons that may be shocking.
Millennials Rely On Social Media For NewsToday's younger generation has a reputation of being glued to the cellphones and tablets. It's where they chat with their friends, find out the latest hot spots in town and, believe it or not, keep up with the world. In their own way, of course.
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