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Everglades National Park

Everglades (Photo Credit: Randy Yagi)

Murder Suspect Located In Everglades National Park

A 19-year-old woman from Lawrence, Kansas is being held in South Florida in federal custody and charged with first-degree murder in the death of a businessman whose home she shared.


Naples Whales (Courtesy: Sea Tow Naples)

Pilot Whales Strand Themselves Off Naples

The Florida Marina Patrol is keeping tabs on about 30 or so pilot whales, several of which have beached themselves, at the Gordon Pass in Naples.


Everglades National Park (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Advocates Say Canal Project Improving Florida Bay

A major Everglades restoration project is exceeding expectations after its first year of operations, according to environmental activists.


Everglades National Park (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

New Trolley Takes Visitors To Everglades & Biscayne National Parks For Free

A new trolley system provides free transportation and free access to Everglades and Biscayne National parks.It’s the first of its kind nationally to offer public transportation to two national parks.


Everglades National Park officials posted this picture on their Facebook page after an alligator was found eating a giant Burmese python. (Source: Everglades National Park)

Burmese Python Becomes Gator Bait In Everglades

The Florida Everglades is known for its famous river of grass, unique wildlife and of course, those annoying and invasive Burmese pythons.

CBS Miami–12/24/2013


Top Cheap Holiday Escapes Near South Florida

Gobble up turkey under a bamboo canopy in the sand or hang your stocking from a palm tree dangling over the surf at one of these tropical South Florida destinations.


Volunteers try to herd into deeper water. (Source: CBS4)

Florida Wildlife Ageny Wraps Whale Rescue Efforts

The U.S. Coast Guard and Florida wildlife officials have wrapped up their efforts to help a pod of pilot whales which became stranded last week off Everglades National Park on the state’s southwest coast.



Pilot Whales Behavior Raises Concern For Wildlife Experts

Wildlife experts were “cautiously hopeful” Thursday as dozens of short-finned pilot whales stranded Tuesday seemed to be heading back to home range in deeper waters. But after aerial observation, 20 of the whales were spotted moving closer toward shore, raising a red flag to experts.


Volunteers try to herd into deeper water. (Source: CBS4)

Marine Experts “Cautiously Optimistic” As Whales Head Toward Deeper Waters

The fate for the remaining live pilot whales seemed bleak Wednesday as the miles between them and their home-range of deeper waters had shallows and sand flats in-between—making it difficult to navigate. However, on Thursday, experts’ optimism boosted as 35 of the whales seem to be headed in the right direction.



Pod Of Pilot Whales Stranded Off Everglades Nat’l Park

Marine experts are trying to figure out what’s causing a pod of whales to beach themselves along Florida’s Southwest coast off Everglades National Park.