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SpaceX Says 2-Foot Strut Snapped, Brought Down RocketSpaceX suspects a 2-foot steel strut snapped inside its rocket and led to last month's launch accident.
Space Florida Downplays Cargo Rocket ExplosionThe president of Space Florida doesn't anticipate short- or long-term setbacks for private operations at Cape Canaveral following last week's explosion of a cargo rocket shortly after liftoff.
SpaceX Launch Ends In Failure, Rocket EruptsAn unmanned SpaceX rocket carrying supplies and the first-of-its-kind docking port to the International Space Station broke apart Sunday shortly after liftoff. It was a severe blow to NASA, still reeling from previous failed shipments.
Tesla CEO Plugs Into New Market With Home Battery SystemCar maker Tesla is hoping the world will disconnect from power plants by using the company's solar panel-connected batteries in homes and businesses.
1st Espresso Maker For Astronauts Arrives At Space StationAstronauts at the International Space Station(ISS) now have the world's first espresso machine designed exclusively for astronauts.
International Space Station Grocery Run Stalled By Florida Storm CloudsAstronauts on board the International Space Station will have to wait a little longer for a special delivery of groceries and an espresso maker.
SpaceX Hoping 3rd Times The Charm For Rocket LaunchSpaceX is hoping the third time will be the charm as they count down to Wednesday launch of an observatory.
SpaceX Calls Off Launch Of Space Weather SatelliteThe much anticipated launch and booster landing of SpaceX’s deep-space observatory was cancelled on Sunday.
SpaceX Looks To Launch Space Weather Satellite, Land RocketSpaceX is aiming for both a launch and landing within minutes of each other Sunday.
Boeing, SpaceX Will Beat Russia On Price For Astronaut RidesNASA astronauts have been hitching rides on Russian rockets to reach the International Space Station since the U.S. retired its space shuttle launches in 2011.
SpaceX Supply Ship Arrives At Space Station With GroceriesInternational Space Station’s six astronauts received much-needed groceries and gifts Monday when Dragon, a supply ship, arrived Monday.
SpaceX Launches For NASA, No Luck With Rocket Landing At SeaSpaceX launched successfully and supplies are headed to the International Space Station but it's attempt to land the leftover booster did not fare as well.
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