Edgar Dworsky

(Source: CBS)

Stores Can Spy On Customers Through Smartphones

Many stores are now tracking shoppers from the second they walk through the door.

CBS Miami–10/03/2013

Price Tag (Source: CBS4)

Price Tag Secrets That Could Save You Money

A price tag obviously tells you how much an item costs, but it can actually disclose a whole lot more.

CBS Miami–09/26/2013


Credit Card Rewards: Are They Worth It?

It’s another sign the economy is improving: credit card incentives are on the rise.


Shoppers (Source: CBS4)

Shopping Wars: Stores Compete For Every Holiday Dollar

With less than six weeks until Christmas, we’re in the start of a major retail battle for every shopper dollar. CBS4’s chief consumer reporter Al Sunshine said shoppers need to be prepared to get the best deals.



Consumers Save With ‘Secondary Market’ Deals

Some say it’s the best-kept discount shopping secret that can save you hundreds of dollars on almost everything you buy. Here’s how to score bargains on items sold through the “secondary market.”