East Coast


Mom Inspires 4,500 Mile Kayak Trek

A ten-month, 4,500 mile kayaking trip up the East Coast will be the backdrop as one man researches how human beings have impacted sensitive environmental areas in a negative way.


(Source: Abid Katib/Getty Images) The earth's shadow passes over the moon for a total lunar eclipse.

Moon Over Miami Eclipse

‘Twill be nights before Christmas and high overhead, the moon will turn brown or maybe deep red, but it isn’t a fire it’s but a moon wink, so pull up a chair, and pour yourself a drink.


I-Team: FEMA Still Has Shortage Of Trailers Reporting

Inside The National Hurricane Center One day after the CBS4 I-Team revealed details from an investigation of FEMA that showed the government agency is still unprepared in the event of a major disaster like a hurricane; the GAO, the investigation arm of the US Congress came out with its own report and it echoed what the I-Team first reported.