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Coast Guard Offloads $41M In Seized Drugs Approximately $41 million in drugs seized at sea by the Coast Guard were offloaded Tuesday at their Miami Beach base.
Customs And Border Protection Helps Confiscate $37 Million In CocaineA U.S. Customs and Border Protection aircraft patrolling the Caribbean Sea helped recover more than 3,300 pounds of cocaine, officials said.
$37M Worth Of Cocaine Seized At Sea, Offloaded In Miami BeachThirty-seven million dollars worth of cocaine will not make it to the streets of South Florida, or anywhere else for that matter, after the cocaine contraband was seized at sea and offloaded Tuesday at the Miami Beach Coast Guard station.
Coast Guard Seizes $24 Million In CocaineWhile snow may be causing major problems in the Midwest, a different kind of ‘snow’ has fallen on Key West.
Half Million In Marijuana Turned Over To Feds In Key WestA half a million dollars worth of marijuana and one suspected smuggler were turned over to South Florida DEA agents on Saturday.
$17 Million Worth Of Cocaine Intercepted At SeaMore than $17 million worth of cocaine will not make it to the streets of South Florida or anywhere else for that matter after the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted the 1,400 pounds of coke from a go-fast vessel in the southwest Caribbean Sea.
Navy, Coast Guard Seize 1,000 Pounds Of CocaineFour suspected smugglers could run, but could not hide as the combined forces of the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy bore down on them in the western Caribbean.
Coast Guard Stops Caribbean "Drug Sub"The U.S. Coast Guard has intercepted yet another drug smuggling, self-propelled semi-submersible vessel in the Western Caribbean Sea.
Coast Guard Recovers 7 Tons Of Cocaine From Drug SubThe U.S. Coast Guard off-loaded seven tons of cocaine, worth nearly $180 million, seized from a self-propelled semi-submersible vessel in St. Petersburg on Friday.

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