Driver’s License

Tamra Burns-Sutphen, DMV employee arrested for selling Fl. driver's licenses to dozens of illegal migrants.
(Source: Miami-Dade Dept. of Corrections)

Fl. DMV Employee Allegedly Sold Dozens Of Phony Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Migrants

A state employee has been arrested for selling Florida driver’s licenses to more than three dozen illegal migrants.


Stanley Georges, 16, is charged in a crash that killed one and injured three others. (Source: Miami-Dade Corrections)

Teen Charged In Deadly MDC Crash

A 16 year old boy had been charged in a fiery crash that killed one person, injured three and damaged a building at Miami-Dade College’s Liberty City campus.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Immigrant Driver’s License Bill Refiled

A vetoed proposal to help young undocumented immigrants get driver’s licenses has been for the 2014 legislative session.


(Source: CBS4)

Changes To Red Light Camera Law Starting July 1st

Changes are coming to the laws regulating red light cameras across Florida. They will impact the way you fight a red light camera ticket and when you can be busted for making an illegal right turn on red.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Senator Wants To Roll Back Auto Fees

In an effort to boost revenue during the recession, state lawmakers voted to double fees drivers pay to renew their auto tags and licenses.



State Revoking More & More Driver’s Licenses

An increasing number of Florida drivers have had their licenses revoked because they were not physically or mentally fit to get behind the wheel.


(Source: CBS)

Teens Can Take Learner’s Permit Test Online

If your teenager is learning to drive this summer, there’s good news – he or she can now take the learner’s permit test online.



I-Team: Stealing from the Dead

In the second part of this I-Team investigation of the practice of harvesting tissue from cadavers, Michele Gillen explains why the practice is not against the law.



State Cancels Online Driver’s Permit Testing

Those long lines at your local DMV office are about to get even longer since teens will no longer be able to take their learner permit tests online.