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Lottery: No “Mega Money” Winners

Lottery players hoping to win the big prize in the “Mega Money” game will be disappointed.


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Did You Win The Powerball?

Check your lottery tickets for the winning numbers. Dreamers hoping to strike it rich quick plunked down $2 a ticket hoping to win a Powerball jackpot estimated to be at least $300 million.


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No Winner In Mega Money Drawing, Jackpot Rolls Over To $900K

There were no big winners with Friday’s Mega Money game so the jackpot rolls over to $900,000.



Multi-State Mega Millions Game To Start Wednesday

On the day of a $360 million dollar Powerball drawing, the Florida Lottery will start selling tickets to the popular Mega Millions lottery game.



Something Extra: The Lottery of Life

From the Powerball lottery yesterday, to the lottery of life, today.



Powerball Jackpot Hits Half Billion; Florida Leads Sales

Doesn’t it make you proud? As a Floridian, Florida Lottery officials say you stand the best chance of anyone in the nation to win Wednesday’s record drawing. But don’t start counting that money yet.


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Powerball Jackpot Jumps After No Winner

You’ll have to wait another few days for the chance to get rich with Powerball, after nobody picked the right five numbers Saturday to walk away with a jackpot estimated at $128 million. That means the next chance to win will be Wednesday, when the prize jumps to an estimated $146 million.


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S. Fla. Budding Artists Compete For Star-Studded Mentorship

He is a world renowned artist whose paintings have been displayed all over the world, but for the next few days Roberto Juarez will be investing his time, offering expert advice and guidance to local young artists following in his footsteps.



S. Fla Artists Seek A “Sketchy” Miami

One South Florida group wants to promote the idea that art can be for everyone.


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Miami Winner To Get $50K Top Prize In Lottery Drawing

A Miami resident was one of five winners of the “Fantasy 5” game to collect $50,355.28, the Florida Lottery said Saturday.