Authorities Trying To Determine If FIU Foot Sniffer CaughtAuthorities have in custody a man they believe was the person accused of crawling under the library tables at a local university and doing something unusual things with women's feet.
Police Searching For Man Accused Of Sniffing Feet In FIU LibraryTonight police on FIU campus are looking for a man accused of crawling under the library table and doing something strange and disturbing to women and their feet.
Exclusive: Mother &Teen Say Bullying Needs To Stop The mother of a teen who says she is being bullied at school says something needs to be done.
A Boozy Treat Parents better pay attention. The next time you see your child guzzling a can of whipped cream, you might want to give them a sobriety test. The newest trend for young people is a boozy treat of alcohol infused whipped cream.
Children Coping With Recent Gun ViolenceShauntrell Darling is one of the many mothers in South Florida these days confronting bullets. "It's a shame how little children can't be little children.
Even Adults In The Workplace Have To Deal With BulliesIn this economy people are doing what they have to do to keep their jobs even if it means being subjected to “workplace bullying.”
Back To School: Parents Deal with Milestones Back to school isn't just about the kids, it’s a lot of pressure for parents too, especially their child his hitting a school milestone like entering kindergarten, middle school or high school.
Researchers Link Teen Bullying To Middle Age Medical IssuesSad school days are now being linked to illness in middle age.
Can Food Dyes Cause Or Affect ADHD?Color dye is now being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration to see if certain colors added to enhance the look of the foods your kids love to eat will affect their behavior in the end.
A Deficit of Attention Deficit Disorder Drugs Sweeps The Country A battle between two powerhouse federal agencies has caused a shortage of medicine for people with ADD and ADHD.
Depression A Danger To Kids & TeensKids in America today get hit with a barrage of issues that are hard for adults to deal with. Unfortunately, that leads many kids and teenagers to suffer from depression at an early age.

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