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(Source: CBS4)

Florida Gambling Rules Due For Overhaul

Gambling facilities in Florida could be in for some changes as the state considers a possible overhaul of the rules.


(Source: CBS4) Greyhound racing may be a thing of the past

Live Greyhound Racing Could Be On The Way Out

A pair of state legislators are trying to drum up support for their bills which would eliminate the requirement that dog tracks off live racing.


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State Spends Less On Gambling Addiction

While forces are rallying to support or oppose a proposal to build three destination resort casinos in South Florida, a new report indicates the state is spending less on gambling addiction programs.


(Source: Calder Casino And Race Course)

Appeals Court Ruling Could Mean More Florida Casino Resorts

An appeals court ruling in Tallahassee could open the door to more casino resorts in Florida.


(Source: CBS4) Greyhound racing may be a thing of the past

Greyhound Bill Passes; But Goes Back To House

A measure that could hasten the end of greyhound racing in Florida passed the Senate on Friday after a clash over amendments and the chamber’s process.