CBS4 Investigates: Should Doctors Ask Patients About Guns?

Courts, lawmakers, and Governor Rick Scott are all arguing about the right of Florida physicians to ask patients about access to guns. CBS4 Investigates a tragic case where one widow believes a simple question could have saved her husband’s life.



Employee Wellness Is Top Priority At Royal Caribbean

In an economy where businesses are cutting back everywhere and anywhere possible, one of South Florida’s largest employers is doing quite the opposite.


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Program Helps Docs & Parents Reach Out And Read

A trip to the pediatrician happens quite frequently for parents to help the kids deal with colds and shots; but a local program is helping match pediatricians with a reading curriculum to help kids get a jump start on literacy.


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Judge Overturns “Docs And Glocks” Law

United States District Judge Marcia Cooke has blocked the enforcement of a new Florida law that was championed by the National Rifle Association.



Doctors Seeing Male Infertility On The Rise

Couples who struggle with infertility will do anything to figure out the problem, and the testing usually starts with the woman.


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Fla. Doctors Organization Opposes Medicaid Overhaul

Florida Medical Association officials voted in a closed door session last weekend to take a position in opposition to the state’s proposed Medicaid overhaul.



More South Florida Doctor’s Offices Going Paperless

The way your doctor stores your files could be a thing of the past.


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Doctors No Longer Allowed To Sell Narcotics

Florida law enforcement wasted no time in enforcing a new law that forbids doctors and clinics from selling narcotic medications. Tuesday, officials in Broward County went to multiple clinics to shut down the pill mills.


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Prescription Drug Database Set To Open In Sept.

The much ballyhooed Florida prescription-drug database is set to being operating in September and October, according to the News Service of Florida.



Officials To Crackdown On Pill Mills

Officials are continuing to crack down on so-called “pill mills” posing a threat to the public. It’s the latest step in a crackdown that began in October when Florida’s “Pill Mill Bill” went on the books.