Firefighters Return To Large Fires In Western Broward CountyFirefighters are back on the scene fighting two fires that were started after a lightning strike Friday afternoon.
Lightning Strike Leads To Large Brush Fires Firefighters are working two fires that are creating a lot of smoke across parts of South Florida.
Lightning Causes Brush Fire In West Miami-Dade Fire crews are battling a brush fire in West Miami-Dade.
Crews Watching Fire Near Dade-Broward County Line Firefighters and the Division of Forestry are closely monitoring a brush fire burning along the Miami-Dade/Broward County Line.
Gov. Scott Waiting Rain As Wildfires Rage OnState officials are anxiously awaiting more rain to help them battle hundreds of brush and wildfires.
Dry Weather Sparks Everglades Fire ConcernsSouth Florida’s dry winter conditions have prompted wildlife rangers to ask all campers and people who spend time in the Everglades to take care with their cigarette butts and camp fires.
FAST FACTS: Avoid Brush Fire Damage To Your Home

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