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Russian Natalia Molchanova shows the minus 86 metres tag that gives her a win in the first women's free-diving world championship 03 September 2005 in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Molchanova retained her world champion status.  AFP PHOTO JACQUES MUNCH        ( JACQUES MUNCH/AFP/Getty Images)

Free Diver’s Disappearance Prompts Look Into Popular S.Fla. Activity

Free diver Natalie Molchanova had a knack for pulling off the unbelievable underwater. You may struggle to hold your breath for a minute but she could hold it for nine minutes and 2 seconds.



Freediving Could Lead To “Drowning at the Surface”

They hold their breath for minutes at a time… diving deep into our ocean out of curiosity and to hunt. Recently, we showed you how ordinary people are taking up the extreme sport of freediving.