Defend Your Ride

“I’ve always had a thing about Toyotas.“

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Amy At Pompano Beach

“I saw the ScIon and said those little things are so cute.“ – Amy and her Toyota Scion


“I tried many names. I just didn't feel it. I am still looking for a name.“

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jonah At Nautilus Middle School

“My birthday! I woke up and there was the car.” – Jonah and his Honda Civic


“I would definitely recommend an Audi to someone else.“

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Claudia At Miami Beach Senior High School

“I love it because it’s German made and it’s stick.“ – Claudia and her Audi A4


"It's a nice car made in America by an American company."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mandee At Emerald Hills

“I wanted a luxury car that was American.” – Mandee and her Cadillac CTS


"Safety comes first."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Beverly At The Bass Museum

“Parenting magazine had said the Honda Accord was among the safest and best family cars of 2009.” – Beverly and her Honda Accord


"This was the greatest thing ever made."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: John At Pinetree Bark Park

“It is basically the original SUV.” – John and his International Scout II


"It's a great car."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Emily At The Barry Kutin Boat Ramp

“It’s very peppy.” – Emily and her Nissan Murano