Deerfield Beach

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Firefighter Injured While Battling Warehouse Blaze

A firefighter was injured while battling a blaze in Broward early Saturday morning.


One of the Moai heads underneath the Rapa Nui Reef. His head is buried in the sand. (Howie Grapek / Grapek Photography Online)

Rapa Nui Team Vows To Reform Botched Artificial Reef Site

The team behind the Rapa Nui artificial reef installation that flipped over during its sinking on Sunday is “committed to making the site a marine habitat and dive destination with the beauty and splendor of public art.”

CBS Miami–06/09/2015


Top Bridal Shops In South Florida

Look to the best in the local bridal community to dress you on your big day.


Rendering of Rapa Nui Artificial Reef. (Source:

Unique New Dive Site Going Underwater In Deerfield Beach

An amazingly unique new dive site is coming to South Florida.


Moai figures that’ll be sunk as part of the Rapa Nui Reef off Deerfield Beach. (Source: City of Deerfield Beach)

New Eye Candy Reef Going Underwater In Deerfield Beach

Below the surface of the water in South Florida, there’s an incredible world many of us don’t see. We have some amazing diving, like off Key Largo. And now, there will be another unique dive site for locals and visitors to visit–the Rapa Nui Reef.


Moai figures that’ll be sunk as part of the Rapa Nui Reef off Deerfield Beach. (Source: City of Deerfield Beach)

New Easter Island Themed Reef Making Waves In Deerfield Beach

A new and unique South Florida dive site will become a reality this weekend off Deerfield Beach.

CBS Miami–06/03/2015

Tennis Ball

Top Tennis Courts In South Florida

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. No special skills are required and learning to keep score is easy at these numerous parks in the South Florida area that have public tennis courts.


Warrant out on the arrest of 22-year-old Emmanuel Innocent for his alleged role in a cell phone robbery. (Source: BSO)

22-Year-Old Sought For Alleged Role In Cell Phone Robbery

Detectives are looking for a 22-year-old for his alleged involvement in the robbery of a man who had advertised his cell phone for sale online.


Francisco De Aragon (Source: Broward Sheriff's Office)

Swimming Instructor Accused Of Molesting Kids During Class

A swimming instructor has been arrested, accused of molesting two 6-year-olds during swim class.


Deborah Schofield-Plasse, 59, says she was attacked by two intruders. (Source: CBS4)

Exclusive: Disabled Woman Terrorized By Intruders Tells Her Story

A woman with multiple sclerosis is telling her story after she was attacked and terrorized inside her own home.