Bitcoin Reaches New High While Hackers Pull Off Heist At Digital Currency MarketplaceThe bitcoin phenomenon broke another record on Wednesday while hackers made off with unspecified amount in cyber-heist.
Cybersecurity Experts: Assume Your Info Was Compromised In Equifax BreachThis summer's Equifax hack exposed millions of Americans personal information.
Obama To Russia: Stop Hacking 'Because We Can Do Stuff To You'In his year end press conference, President Barack Obama vowed to take action against Russia for allegedly interfering in the November election for the White House.
Clinton Says Putin's "Personal Beef" Prompted Election HacksHillary Clinton is blaming foreign interference for her defeat in the presidential race, casting her loss as part of a long-running strategy by Russian President Vladimir Putin to discredit the fundamental tenets of American government.
Dade Schools To Offer Training For In Demand JobsTwo academies set to open their doors in Miami-Dade county are focusing on the booming fields of cybersecurity and trade and logistics.
Companies' Data Security In Question After Sony Hack Following Sony's cyber attack, companies across the globe are tightening up their cyber security.
Smart Mouse: Using Your Grip As Your Computer PasswordThe “Biometric Pressure Grip” is a sensor that measures how hard and how tightly someone holds a mouse, then uses that information as part of a multi-step login process.
JP Morgan Chase Data Breach Affects Millions Of CustomersA cyber attack on the nation's largest bank, JP Morgan Chase, compromised information for more than 76-million households and seven million small businesses.
Education Of A Hacker: One Woman’s JourneyAs a “security aide” typist, Jen Havermann got her first exposure to computers while digging through databases.
Home Depot CEO: Probe Of Possible Breach Continues Home Depot's CEO Frank Blake spoke out Thursday in his first public comments about the possible breach.
U.S. Accused Of Cyberattack On French GovernmentThe United States has been charged with launching a cyberattack against France -- a claim the U.S. government has categorically denied.
FTC Warns Of Scammers Accessing Your PC Using Your PhoneIn a recent twist, scam artists are using the phone to try to break into your computer. They call, claiming to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like Microsoft.

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