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Cuban Coffee

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Top Spots For Hot Drinks In Miami

Miami is already the hottest spot in the state but these hot drinks make it sizzle. Sample a hot toddy, sip on hot chocolate, spike an Irish coffee or savor a Cuban coffee. The choice is yours!



“Cafecito Campaign” Sparking Miami Pride Among Coffee Lovers

It’s a tradition, a must have, a necessity for many Cuban coffee lovers.


(Source: CBS4) The makers of Cafe Bustelo were purchased by the Smucker's Jam folks for $260 million in cash.

Smucker’s Buys Cafe Bustelo, Will End Miami Production

With a name like Bustelo, it has to be good. At least, what’s what the Smucker’s Jam people seem to think. Monday, they announced they have purchased the Miami coffee-roasting company which makes Cafe Bustelo