AP: Doctors Discover Brain Abnormalities In Cuba Sonic Attack Victims Doctors discovered brain abnormalities while treating victims of a sonic attack in Cuba, according to the Associated Press.
Incident In Uzbekistan Raising Suspicions Russia Involved In Cuba Sonic AttacksIncident involving U.S. officer based at U.S. embassy in Uzbekistan raising suspicions Russia might have been involved in Cuba attacks.
One Year After Fidel Castro's DeathIt was one year ago that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died. His death sparked celebrations in the streets of Little Havana and days of mourning in Cuba but what has changed, if anything, since then? 
U.S. Tightens Restrictions On Cuba Travel, Business & TradeAmericans traveling to or doing business with Cuba will face new restrictions starting Thursday.
Disturbance Over Northwestern Caribbean Sea Gradually Becoming Better OrganizedThe disturbance over the northwestern Caribbean Sea is gradually becoming better organized.
Cuba Denies Sonic Attacks, Says U.S. Lacks EvidenceThe Cuban government is defending itself against allegations of sonic attacks on American diplomats.
State Department: 2 More Victims Of Mysterious Attacks In CubaTwo more State Department workers are confirmed to be victims of invisible and mysterious attacks in Havana, Cuba, according to The Washington Post.
US Tourist Fears He Was Hit By Mysterious Attack In Cuba, Years Before DiplomatsCuba has not been considered a safe place for decades but tourists have generally be able to visit the beautiful island without incident.
‘Sonic Attack’ On US Diplomats In Cuba Sounded Like Shrieking CricketsA recording of what some U.S. embassy workers heard in Havana, believed to be the cause of their serious injuries, has been released.
American Injured By Unexplained Attacks In Cuba Says US Response Was Handled ‘Poorly’One of the 22 Americans injured by unexplained attacks in Cuba told CBS News the U.S. response was handled "poorly."
Private Citizens Say They Have Health Symptoms After Visiting CubaPrivate citizens are complaining they experienced symptoms similar to those suffered by U.S. diplomats targeted in sonic attacks in Havana, Cuba. 
Lawmakers Demanding More Answers About Who & What Sickened Diplomats At Cuban EmbassyLawmakers are demanding more answers about who and what caused serious health problems for American diplomats in Cuba. 

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