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An American crocodile. (Source: FWC)

Dog Attacked By Crocodile In Key Largo

A dog survived an attack by a crocodile in the Florida Keys.


An American crocodile. (Source: FWC)

Crocodile Response Agents Wanted

How’s this for a job advertisement? If you can handle crocodiles, then Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wants you.

CBS Miami–01/17/2014

American Crocodile

Wildlife Agency Looking Into Croc’s Death In Keys

Wildlife officials are looking for answers after a crocodile was found dead in Florida Bay.



Crocodile Loves Staying In South Miami

A nine-foot, nearly 200-pound crocodile doesn’t want to live anywhere else but South Miami.

CBS Miami–09/17/2012

Alligators at St. Augustine's Alligator farm. (CBS4)

Gators, Crocs On The Prowl As Summer Temps Heat Up

Sultry summer time temperatures are right around the corner. So how are you going to cool off? Take a dip in a lake or hang out around the pool.


American Crocodile

American Crocodiles Making A Comeback In S. Florida

Once considered a dying breed, American crocodile populations are making a comeback in our area. The population has multiplied nearly 10-fold since the 1970s.



Croc Boom At Turkey Point Boosts Species

Once on the endangered species list, the American crocodile has flourished in a most unlikely place. In the shadow of a nuclear power plant.


American Crocodile

Crocs Make Comeback At S. Fla. Power Plant

South Florida’s Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant has indirectly helped the American crocodile to be removed from the endangered species list.


Alligators at St. Augustine's Alligator farm. (CBS4)

Love Is In The Air As Gator Mating Season Arrives

Love is in the air, if you’re an alligator or crocodile. As summer approaches and temperatures rise, you might have a few more gator sightings because amorous alligators and frisky crocs become more active as they look for potential mates.


American Crocodile

Wildlife Officials Check On Watery Attack In Keys

There is something lurking in the waters off Key Largo that has the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission puzzled.