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Jeff Steele (right) and James Flounory (left) are both charged with attempted murder after they allegedly shot an ex-Marine after the duo answered a Craigslist ad. (Source: Broward Sheriff's Office)

Craigslist Ad Nearly Leads To Murder

Just weeks after a Craigslist ad led to a murder that shocked the nation; a Marine in South Florida is the latest victim of a violent crime that started with an ad on Craigslist.


The office of online site Craigslist is seen March 10, 2006 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Fla. Craigslist Jobseeker Found Dead In Ohio Grave

A still unidentified Florida man has been killed and a South Carolina man has been shot after they responded to a Craigslist ad for a job on an Ohio cattle farm.



Craigslist Sale Leads To Robbery

Craigslist has proven to be a great resource for people to sell off goods or find apartments and jobs. But sometimes, the deal doesn’t go exactly as both parties wanted.


Congressman Christopher Lee resigned after this photo of him from Craigslist surfaced. (Source: CBS4)

UM Prof: Congressman Lee’s Craigslist Post Bound To Go Viral

Soon after the a shirtless photo of Congressman Christopher Lee was posted on the story became viral… quick, but a UM professor says the viral nature of such a story is not uncommon.



South Florida Family Tricked By Latest Craigslist Scam

For nearly two years the Velez family has been out of work. Evicted from their Homestead home, they now live with family in a one bedroom in Kendall.