Coral Reef

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Nova’s New Coral Reef Research Center To Open This Fall

Just off Florida’s shore lies one of its greatest resources – a living coral reef. This fall, Nova Southeastern University is set to open a new coral reef research center at Port Everglades.


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Stimulus Money Stimulates Florida’s Coral Reef Restoration

Federal stimulus money is being used to help stimulate the growth of coral reef along Florida shores in a massive restoration effort.



Diving For Tires Off The South Florida Coast

It started with the best of intentions, take tires filling up landfills and use them to create an artificial reef. After pouring more than a million tires off our coastline the organizers quickly realized they had made a huge environmental mistake.


Christopher Lardner is shown here in a yearbook photo. (Source: Lardner family)

Student Recovering After Beating At Basketball Game

The family of a Coral Reef High School student is speaking out following a basketball brawl that landed their teenage boy in intensive care.


Christopher Lardner

Student In Intensive Care After Beating At Basketball Game

What started out as a simple basketball game, ended up with one student being rushed to the hospital after suffering a brutal beating.


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Aquatic Adventures: Spearfishing In The Florida Keys

In this week’s edition of Aquatic Adventures, CBS4’s Jeff Berardelli goes on an underwater expedition in the Keys.


Pennekamp Park 50th

Keys’ Pennekamp Park Celebrating 50th Anniversary

An 11-day celebration honoring the 50th anniversary of the creation of America’s first underwater preserve, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, has begun in Key Largo.