Crews at Port Everglades work to remove teetering containers on barge. (Source: CBS4)

Work Continues To Remove Teetering Containers On Barge

Crews at Port Everglades will be back at work Wednesday trying to secure 27 cargo containers that tipped over on a barge.


Containers tipped over on a cargo ship docked at Port Everglades. (Source: CBS4)

Containers Topple Off Cargo Ship Into Ocean Off S. Fla.

A cargo ship lost some of its load off the coast of South Florida as the containers toppled over on the deck of the ship.


I-Team: Officer Abuses Badge At Miami Airport

A Miami-Dade police Disciplinary Action Report says Miami-Dade Police Canine Officer Farah Lormestoir improperly got onto international Air France flight #3959 going to Haiti on April 14th carrying insect repellant.

You can read the entire DAR and attachments by clicking on this link.

The I-Team found Officer Lormestoir leaving for work, after six weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find her on the job at Miami International Airport.

What’s the problem with insect repellant?