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UF: Overall Consumer Confidence Up Despite Wall Street

Overall consumer confidence across Florida grew slightly from July to August, but those numbers may not reflect the recent crash in Wall Street, according to a report released by the University of Florida on Monday.

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Consumer Confidence In Florida Rises Slightly

The price is right! Or at least sort of right according to a new survey showing consumer confidence in Florida has slightly risen.


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Consumer Confidence Of Floridians Dipped In April

After reaching a 10-year high, consumer confidence among Floridians is dropping.


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Consumer Confidence Continues To Climb In Florida

Gift giving must have done wonders for the morale of Florida’s consumer. A new survey revealed buyer’s confidence in the Sunshine State keeps climbing as the state’s economy continues to recover.


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Florida’s Consumer Confidence Climbing

A survey released by the University of Florida on Tuesday revealed Florida’s consumer confidence is reaching its highest point in more than seven years.


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Florida’s Consumer Confidence Drops Slightly

A new survey by a Florida University shows consumer confidence is dropping slightly.


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State’s Consumer Confidence Ticks Upward

Floridians are feeling a little better about how the economy is doing. In September, the state’s consumer confidence level reached a post-recession high, according to a University of Florida report.


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Florida’s Consumer Confidence Flat For 3rd Month

While the economy seems to be doing better, we don’t seem to feeling that way. The monthly University of Florida survey found shows consumer confidence was 82 in the month of July.


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Report: Consumer Confidence Hits Post Recession High In Florida

The state’s consumer confidence hit a post-recession high in June, according to a University of Florida report.


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Consumer Confidence Dips In Florida

Florida’s consumer confidence, according to University of Florida’s monthly survey, seems to have dropped slightly.