Lawmakers Wade Into Amendment 1 Policy, Funding With the start of Florida's legislative session looming, one of the first issues to be taken up will be new rules on the state's waters.
Senate Tax Cut Plan Still 'Fluid'A Senate committee on Wednesday added two more tax cuts --- a back-to-school sales-tax holiday and a dip in the tax on cable and phone services --- to an already-approved vehicle registration fee rollback in an effort to reach Gov. Rick Scott's benchmark.
Fla. Politicians React To Health Care DecisionWithin minutes of the Supreme Court’s decision, Florida Democrats and Republicans began firing off statements either labeling the Affordable Care Act as either a burdensome new tax or lauding it is as monumental ruling in American history.
Top 10 Consumer ComplaintsMost people love to complain. Now some people in Florida are realizing they can complain over the phone and actually get paid for it.

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