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6 Tips For Owning A Dog In Urban Areas

These 6 tips will benefit any dog owner living in the big city! These do’s and don’ts are important to consider for any dog lover.


Doral Mayor Boria (Source: CBS4)

Doral Mayor Gearing Up To Fight A Recall Petition

Is a recall election in Doral Mayor Luigi Boria’s future? It is if some local businessmen have their way.


Traffic along I-395 to downtown Miami.
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A New I-395 Bridge In Miami Is Planned

Downtown Miami residents, businesses and PortMiami have waited years for a new I-395 bridge. Tuesday an announcement was made that is designed to create a path forward to a new bridge.


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Miami Beach Fifth Best Place To Live In The Nation

If you could choose to live in any city in the United States, would Miami Beach be among the top five on your list of 100? It should be, according to, and Ft. Lauderdale should rank at 24.



Candidates Mull Broward County Municipal Races

Elections for 14 Broward communities are set for November, but this is the week candidates will declare their intentions to run, and from Hollywood to Parkland, everything from Mayor to commission seats are in play.


Venetian Islands (CBS4)

Venetian Islands Residents Irate After Towing Debacle

The pristine Venetian Islands is one of the most beautiful places in south Florida, with a huge parking problem.


Gas pump

Hialeah: Drive a City Car, And You’ll Pay

It’s a pretty sweet deal linked to thousands of South Florida government jobs. Not only do taxpayers pay for a car for employees to do their jobs, but the let those workers take the car home, meaning taxpayers subsidize their commute. In Hialeah, those days are over, by mayoral decree.



City Of Winter Haven Turns 100 Years Old

Winter Haven is 100 years old.


Election Day

Voters To Elect Mayor, Council Members In Two Cities

Voters in Miami Shores and Coral Gables will be heading to the polls Tuesday to elect a mayor and fill several council seats.



Former North Miami Beach Director Faces $11M Bond

A former North Miami Beach public official faces tough charges after pleading guilty to stealing from the city.