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'Chexting' Breaking Up Happy HomesIt’s a disturbing trend that is being blamed for destroying marriages and ruining families. Experts say it starts as an innocent conversation, but evolves into a deep bond.
Official: Scrabble Player Ejected For Cheating At National TourneyC-H-E-A-T-E-R? Organizers say that word spelled the fate of one of the top young Scrabble players in the country Tuesday.
Cheating Suspected On Nearly 7,000 Florida ExamsState officials suspect possible cheating on nearly 7,000 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests, including exams from Miami-Dade and Broward county.
What Constitutes Cheating On Someone?By now, almost everyone has heard about the scandal that erupted around Congressman Anthony Weiner sending lewd pictures of himself via Twitter. But a bigger question is now being asked over whether or not sexting via phone or social networking is actually cheating.
Why Women Cheat On Their HusbandsThe reasons why men and women cheat on their partners are very different. While men can be happy in a marriage and still seek a mistress, it's totally different for women.
Why Men Cheat On Their WivesInfidelity is pretty common. One study found up to 60-percent of married men cheat. The question is: which men cheat and what do these cheaters have in common?

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