Mitt Romney (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Romney Ad Tries To Link Obama With Chavez & Castro

Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign has come under fire for airing false claims in commercials in Ohio, but his campaign is now targeting the Hispanic vote in Florida with ads linking President Barack Obama to Hugo Chavez and the Castro’s.

CBS Miami–11/01/2012

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GOP Pounces On Obama’s Chavez Comment

Republicans have pounced on a comment President Barack Obama made about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

CBS Miami–07/11/2012

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Chavez Returns To Venezuela After Surgery

Clinging to both his physical and political life, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived back in his home country Friday after having another round of cancer surgery performed in Cuba.


Thomas Coex/AFP

Hugo Chavez Arrives In Cuba For Cancer Treatment

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Cuba Saturday for urgent cancer surgery after an emotional day of farewells in his home country of Venezuela.


Thomas Coex/AFP

Hugo Chavez’s Health In Question

Conflicting reports are coming out of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas Thursday as to the health of president Hugo Chavez.


A man walks past a mural of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Chavez Cancer Fight Could Leave Power Vacuum

The political future of Venezuela has been thrown into chaos after the country’s president, Hugo Chavez, admitted he is battling cancer after having a tumor removed in Cuba.


Cuban television aired new pictures Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez talking with former leader Fidel Castro.  (Source: CBS)

Cuban TV Photos Show Healthy Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro

Several new photos featuring a recovering Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro were aired on Cuban television Tuesday night.