Ceramic League of Miami

Key West Pottery  (Source: keywestpottery.com)

Top DIY Pottery In South Florida

Surrounded by natural beauty, South Floridians live life inspired and very much in touch with their artistic side. Hence, with DIY pottery being so popular these days, the emergence of ceramic studios all across South Florida comes as no surprise.


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Top Pottery Painting Classes For Kids In South Florida

Artistic influences abound in South Florida, but if you’re looking for a specific discipline like pottery painting, the choice depends on age and skill level. View this list to find out which pottery painting classes are just for fun and which could birth a future career.


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Best Places For Kids’ Summer Art Activities In Miami

Miami is one of the best places in America for your child to study art. They can learn about classical art, modern art, pottery and architecture at one of these fun summer camps, programs and events.