Nine headstones in the one of the state's oldest cemeteries have been damaged by vandals over the past few weeks.  (Source: stmichaelscemetery.org)

Vandals Damage Tombstones In One Of Florida’s Oldest Cemeteries

Nine headstones in the one of the state’s oldest cemeteries have been damaged by vandals over the past few weeks.


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Tours To Celebrate Black History In Key West This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend that is a little out of the ordinary? Why not head to the Florida Keys for a stroll through history.



The 5 Strangest Cemeteries In The World

Check out some of the world’s strangest cemeteries on your next vacation.


A Miami widow wants answers from cemetery officials after her husband's gravestone disappeared. (CBS4)

Exclusive: Widow Wants Answers After Husband’s Gravestone Disappears

A Miami-Dade woman who had planned a special visit to her husband’s gravesite on Valentine’s Day says she made a truly disturbing discovery: her husband’s gravestone was missing and she wondered if his body was still there.


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Thieves Target Bodies Resting In Local Cemetery

Jessica Williams is the caretaker to one of the oldest African American cemeteries in South Florida, where community pioneers have been laid to rest. But recently, criminal acts have been disturbing the bodies resting at one cemetery that houses 538 burial plots at in Miami.


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Rain Forces Graves Above Ground In Fla. Cemetery

South Florida and other parts of the state are still drying out from October’s record-breaking rainfall but the downpours have nearly raised the dead in a central Florida cemetery.


Leslie Nielsen is buried amid Fort Lauderdale's first families in Evergreen Cemetery. Nielsen's gravestone says "Let 'er rip," a reference to Nielsen use of fart jokes and whoopie cushions. (Source: Amy Beth Bennett/Sun Sentinel)

Leslie Nielsen ‘Rips’ Final Joke On Gravestone

Funny man Leslie Nielsen couldn’t resist one last joke. His tombstone in Fort Lauderdale’s historic Evergreen Cemetery reads “Let ‘er rip.”



Bahamian Settlers Honored With Memorial In Lemon City

A mystery solved is now a memorial dedicated in Lemon City Tuesday morning. Three years ago construction workers building affordable housing unearthed bones on the site. It was later determined those were the bones of Bahamian settlers, some who helped found Miami.



Rabbis Re-Consecrate Menorah Gardens

One of two South Florida cemeteries accused of tampering with hundreds of graves will be rededicated.