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The Forgotten Floor

CBS4’s Michelle Gillen Revisits The Forgotten Floor

A rare look into a world of inmates with mental illness where advocates say lives are at risk. CBS4’s Michele Gillen takes us back inside the Forgotten Floor.


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Airport Close Calls Cause Federal Action

The number of close calls at our nation’s airports has climbed so dramatically it has gotten the attention of Congress; and that has prompted the FAA to try some high tech solutions on the ground at one local airport here in South Florida.



Exclusive: Miami-Dade Set To Lay Off Cops

For the first time in its 177 year history, the Miami Dade Police Department will begin laying off sworn officers on November 1.


(CBS4 photo) Lionel Tate as he appears today

Focus on South Florida – Lionel Tate Speaks Out

CBS4 Chief I-Team Investigator Michele Gillen talks about her exclusive interview with Lionel Tate, the South Florida man who became the youngest person ever to be sentenced to life without parole.  

My TV 33–10/03/2011

patients right to know hospital

I-Team: Ignoring Patients’ Right To Know

Nearly eight years after Florida voters demanded change in the way bad medical incidents are tracked and reported at hospitals,little has changed. The CBS4 I-Team has discovered that most hospitals don’t comply with the part of Florida’s Constitution known as “Patients’ Right to Know About Adverse Medical.”



Infant Helped By North Miami Community Dies

With big concerns about a little baby, the CBS4 I-Team had, for weeks, investigated worries over the welfare of the prematurely born Jeremiah, his brothers and their mom, Joanne.

CBS Miami–05/16/2011


GOP Distancing Itself From David Rivera

The trouble swirling around freshman U.S. Congressman David Rivera has at least one top Republican in the House worried as the GOP distances itself from Rivera.


Brothers 2 The Rescue

I-Team: Secrets Behind The Shootdown On Its 15th Anniversary

It’s been 15 years since Cuban MIG fighter jets shot down two civilian planes flown by the humanitarian group “Brothers to the Rescue.” Four people on board those civilian planes died.



I-Team: Gun Bounty Cashes In By Getting Guns Off Street

A CBS4 I-Team investigation into your safety takes you behind the scenes of a unique crime fighting program that sounds familiar but is not.



I-Team: Prison Tax Fraud Worse Than Initially Thought

Federal Internal Revenue Service auditors now say prison inmates are stealing up to four times more tax dollars than first thought.