CBS4 Chief Meteorologist David Bernard


Fort Lauderdale Breaks 101 Year Old Rain Record

Fort Lauderdale was drenched in a record 4.37 inches of rain Thursday.

CBS Miami–11/21/2013

Chilly Weather

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

The coldest weather since last spring is underway here in South Florida.


Miami Beach Cold Weather Winter

Sweater Weather To Continue Til Week’s End

Another night of chilly temperatures are on the way for South Florida.


Miami Beach Cold Weather Winter

Cooler Air Descends On South Florida

Get ready for a drop in temperatures, fall may finally be here. In the wake of a strong cold front, South Florida woke up to cool and cloudy conditions with temperatures in the low to mid 60s, but it’s about to get even colder.



2011 Hurricane Season Ends Wednesday

South Florida breathed a sigh of relief as we dodged the annual bullet known as hurricane season.



Tropical Depression #8 Forms In Western Caribbean

The National Hurricane center is closely monitoring Tropical Depression number eight which formed Thursday night in the Western Caribbean.



Do Recent Weather Headlines Spell Disaster For So. Fla. Hurricane Season?

All the inclement weather hitting various portions of the U.S. has brought a question into the minds of many South Floridians as we enter into the beginning of hurricane season: are we in store for devastation when storms brew in the Atlantic?



Severe Weather Moving Into South Florida

The cold front responsible for the deadly tornado outbreak is moving across Florida Thursday night.

CBS Miami–04/28/2011


The Heat Is On: Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Tied Records Thursday

It was a record hot Thursday across South Florida. Miami and Fort Lauderdale tied their record high temperatures for the day.