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Mark Evans was on the phone with his daughter Sara Evans as the shooting happened at an FSU library. (Source: Mark Evans)

Parents Talk With Students During FSU Shooting

Some South Florida parents stayed in contact with their sons and daughters during a shooting at Florida State University which left three injured and the gunman dead.

16 hours ago

Arnold Abbott charged for breaking a new law in Fort Lauderdale that bans feeding the homeless in public. (Source: CBS4)

Fort Lauderdale Homeless Feeding Controversy Continues

Arnold Abbott showed up at his weekly homeless feeding on Fort Lauderdale expecting his fourth citation for feeding the homeless since the controversy began. That didn’t happen. There was no confrontation with police and Abbot left without a citation.


Officer Mark Shotwell (Courtesy: Facebook)

Exclusive: New Surveillance Released From Deadly Shoot-Out At Pub

A camera perched at the entrance of a Fort Lauderdale pub and restaurant captured the deadly shoot-out between an off-duty homicide detective and an abusive boyfriend.


November 14, 2014:  People against an ordinance involving feeding homeless in Fort Lauderdale remains heated.  (Source: CBS4)

Feeding The Homeless Controversy Remains Heated

The fight over feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale in public continued Friday as activists from the group Food Not Bombs gathered for its weekly feeding in Stranahan Park.


(Source: AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis)

BSO Arrest Dozens In Friday’s Crime Sweep

Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) said they arrested more than 70 people as part of crime sweep called Operation Hat Trick.


Sayyid Khan (Source: Broward Sheriff's Office)

40-Year Sentence For Man Who Kidnapped Woman To Live Out Fantasy

It was judgment day for a Miramar man accused of kidnapping and trying to sexually assault a woman to “live out his fantasy.”


(Source: CBS4)

Attorneys Take Aim At Ft. Lauderdale’s Homeless Feeding Ordinance

Another day, another legal challenges to Fort Lauderdale’s new law restricting outdoor homeless feedings.


(Source: CBS4)

‘Chef’ Arnold Keeps Dishing Out Meals Against Ordinance

Arriving like a rock star, Arnold Abbott was greeted with cheers and crowds of supporters on Fort Lauderdale Beach.


(Source: CBS4)

Homeless Feeding Battle Continues In Fort Lauderdale

Homeless people lined up in front of Fort Lauderdale City Hall for another day of public feedings along with another day of citations.


(Source: CBS4)

Woman Inside When Fire Broke Out In Fort Lauderdale Home

Crews rushed a woman to the hospital after firefighters pulled her out of a burning home in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday evening.




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