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19 Most Popular Auto Insurance Discounts

When was the last time that you shopped around for auto insurance?


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BSO Works To Get Uninsured Drivers Off The Road

Dozens of deputies on motorcycles roared out of BSO headquarters Wednesday morning on a mission to get drivers who aren’t following the law and end up costing each American family about $950 dollars a year.


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How To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance Bill

There are few bills more dreaded than the annual car insurance premium, but there are ways to avoid being one of the thousands of drivers who are paying more than they have to.

CBS Miami–09/20/2013

Employees of four South Florida clinics were charged with filing false medical claims.  (Source: Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office)

Nearly Two Dozen People Arrested For Insurance Fraud

Prosecutors have uncovered 21 people, based out of local clinics, involved in elaborate scams that totaled almost half a million dollars in phony medical bills.


SUV stranded in flood waters in a Doral parking lot. (CBS4)

Flooded Roads May Lead To Costly Auto Repairs

Some drivers in Doral and Hialeah may learn an important, and expensive lesson, in the next couple of weeks. After Tuesday and Wednesday’s torrential rains, many got stuck on flooded streets thinking they could make it.


Stopping Car Insurance Scams: Running Outta Time

Insurance fraud investigators in Florida have been seeing them for years: They look like a regular accident you might see around South Florida every day. It starts with a car getting clipped by an SUV. But […]


Auto Insurance Fraud Growing: Higher Bills Expected

Staged Auto Accidents: They’re  hitting us all in the wallet in the form of bigger and bigger car insurance bills. That’s why local and state fraud investigators recently opened up some of their criminal files […]


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Florida Agencies Look To Fight Auto Insurance Fraud

As South Florida continues to get slammed every year by personal injury protection fraud; an assortment of groups came together Thursday to educate people how to fight auto accident fraud.



Fla. Consumer Advocate Focusing On Auto Insurance, Increasing Premiums

Florida’s insurance consumer advocate is forming a working group to focus on skyrocketing premiums for automobile coverage.



Scott: Personal Injury Protection Coverage Should Be Optional

Gov. Rick Scott said Friday that he would support making personal injury protection auto insurance coverage, or PIP, optional.