FDA Proposes Changes To Nutrition Labels

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a proposed update to the Nutrition Facts label seen on most packaged foods in the U.S. The changes would replace what the FDA called “out-of-date” serving sizes to better align with how much people really eat.

CBS Miami–02/27/2014

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Something Extra: Fast Food Nation

And while I’m no fan of excessive government regulation, I’m all for the new rules that will soon require all restaurant chains that have more than twenty locations to post calorie information.


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Something Extra: How to Get Fat Fast

If you’re like me, there are few things you enjoy more than a good meal at a restaurant.



First Lady Applauds Healthier Meals In S. Fla. Restaurants & Nationwide

First Lady Michelle Obama has taken another step forward in her campaign against childhood obesity and it will affect the food you eat at some South Florida restaurants.



The Skinny On Serving Sizes

When was the last time you counted out a serving of 12 potato chips, or scooped out half a cup of your favorite ice cream? There’s a new call for portion sizes on food labels to be more realistic so people know what they’re eating.



The Skinny On Food’s ‘Biggest Losers’

Your stomach may turn after you hear the gut-wrenching truth about some of the most mouth watering meals.



Learn How To Sugar Proof Your Diet

Sugar isn’t good for your diet but there are ways for sugar lovers to sugar proof your diet.


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Feds To Get Tough On Food Labels, Calorie Displays

The government hopes to broaden regulation on calorie displays in an effort to make sure consumers don’t eat unwanted calories.