Budget Deficit


Lauderdale Lakes To Request Help From Broward Amid $9M Budget Deficit

In an effort to deal with its budget crisis, Lauderdale Lakes said it plans to seek help from Broward County. The move comes a week after Lauderdale Lakes’ city manager was voted out of office at a city commission meeting last Tuesday night.


Anita Fain Taylor was voted out of her position as Lauderdale Lakes city manager Tuesday. May 24, 2011. (Source:browardbulldog.org)

Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Out Of Office Amid Budget Crisis

Lauderdale Lakes’ city manager was voted out of office at a city commission meeting Tuesday night. The move comes amid the city’s mounting $9 million budget deficit.



Lauderdale Lakes Approves Cutting Staffers’ Pay

Lauderdale Lakes city employees will soon be seeing a little less in their paychecks.



Florida Revenue Drops, Budget Shortfall Grows

The state of Florida was already set to face a budget shortfall of roughly $3.62 billion. But, numbers being reconciled on Friday boosted that number to almost $4 billion, after some revenue revisions by state economists that paint a less favorable view of the state’s economic recovery.


(Source: AP)

Political Reality Hitting Budget Battles

The battle over the budgets is pitting party against party and causing intraparty fights as Democrats and Republicans cut the budget, except in their district.



Obama Budget Hitting Students Hard

President Barack Obama’s new federal budget will hit poorer students face more debt or not have a chance to go to college.




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