Broward Politics

(Source: AP/Brian Bohannon)

Voters Approve Bond To Improve Broward Schools

Voters in Broward County were able to weigh in on whether to approve an $800 million bond to improve the county’s public schools.


Broward Schools Superintendent James Notter  (Source: CBS4)

Notter To Address Scathing Grand Jury Report

Broward Schools Superintendent James Notter and the district’s School Board met for the first time Tuesday since a scathing 51-page Grand Jury report was released which accused them of gross mismanagement, ineptitude, incompetence and possible corruption.



Broward School Board’s Failing Grade Is Not The First

A Grand Jury report which blasted the Broward County School Board for being inefficient and possibly corrupt was not the first time the school district has gotten a failing grade for its performance.



State Grand Jury Blasts Broward School Board

A Florida Grand Jury report released late Friday blasted the elected Broward Country School Board for inefficiency, interference and possible corruption.