Broward County Courthouse

Gas leak in Fort Lauderdale near the Broward County Courthouse. (Source: CBS4)

Broward Courthouse Reopens After Gas Leak Evacuation

The Broward County Courthouse has reopened for business after it was evacuated following a gas leak near the garage area.


(Source: CBS4) Marin Stroia in court on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. He received two years in prison.

Man Who Caused Courthouse Commotion Sentenced

The South Florida man found guilty in February for bringing a gun into the Broward County Courthouse and threatening to kill himself, then later drinking a mysterious liquid in court that he claimed to be poison, was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday.


(Source: CBS4) Marin Stroia is rolled out of the Broward County Courthouse on a stretcher after reportedly drinking poison.

“Poison” Liquid Drunk By Man On Trial Identified As Water

There was chaos in a Broward County courtroom Thursday morning when a man found guilty of armed trespassing and reckless display of a weapon drank a mysterious liquid from a medicine bottle, said it was poison, and collapsed to the floor. The “poison” has been identified as water.


County Report on Mold: “No Significant Problems”

Experts hired by Broward County to test for mold in the Broward County courthouse found “no significant air quality problems due to mold and other contaminants tested,” according to Assistant County Administrator Pete Corwin. The […]



New Judge Will Get Courthouse Mold Case

The judge hearing the lawsuit over the mold mess at the Broward County Courthouse announced on Thursday that he is stepping down from the case.


New Issues in Broward Courthouse Mold Case

The saga of the moldy Broward County courthouse continues Thursday in front of a civil court judge. There are two new developments a judge will be asked to sort out — a request for a […]


(Source: CBS4)

Attorneys Claims Dangerous Levels Of Mold In Broward Courthouse

Attorneys suing on behalf of more than a dozen employees at the Broward County Courthouse say new tests on eight rooms in the courthouse found “alarming” levels of mold in the air.


Attorneys Want Broward Courthouse Shut Down Due to Mold

I reported a story at 5 and 6 pm tonight on new reports that show significant levels of mold in the air and on surfaces in several areas of the Broward County Courthouse. The reports […]


Josie Lou Ratley (Source: CBS)

Ratley’s Attorney Files Suit Against School Board

The lawyer of the teenager who was severely beaten near her middle school appeared in court Thursday to file a lawsuit against the School Board of Broward County.


(Source: Witness to event) Marin Stroia holds a gun to his chest after entering the Broward County Courthouse Friday, 1/14/11.

Man Who Caused Courthouse Commotion Pleads Not Guilty

The man who caused quite a scare at the Broward County courthouse earlier this month when he sat on the floor with a gun and threatened to kill himself appeared before a judge Tuesday morning.